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    Mad About The Bread

    Our new ad’s got it all: our bakery, our trucks, our delicious Toastie, and Samuel L. Jackson taking over the office of Jonathan Warburton. Watch it, and find out more now!

    Ask for Ellen

    As schools begin to close for the summer holidays, we have partnered with Morrisons to launch ‘Ask for Ellen’ to support families through the holidays.

    Breaduendo - All About Quality

    Our latest campaign is all about quality. And if  our delicious Toastie, irresistible Crumpets, and mouth-watering Farmhouse bread have got your taste buds tingling then you’re not alone! We’re proud to offer a range of bread products that will make your heart (and stomach) sing. So go ahead, indulge…

    National Crumpet Week

    We have launched the first ever National Crumpet Week in celebration of one of the nation’s favourite comfort foods. If there are days dedicated to avocados or bacon butty’s, we figured crumpets should have a whole week, right?! Take a look at what we’re getting up to here!

    Toast to the rescue

    If you’re out and about shopping at your local supermarkets, you may see our Toastie loaf featuring as part of some mouth-watering recipe inspiration on the posters outside stores!

    On our social channels we’re also setting the Ultimate Cheese on Toastie Challenge to see who can create the best twist on this comforting classic! And, our Toastie Loaf is the perfect base for these epic toasties with a twist!

    Here’s a step by step guide to the easy to make recipes, as well as the ingredients that you will need. All of the recipes can be created for just 50p per portion – making a cost effective meal!

    Bake some bread with us

    We are really proud of the fresh, quality loaves that we make every day of the year. But, we know that bread making is a fun activity and we just don’t want you all to miss out! Just follow these instructions to create your own loaf of bread!

    Brits’ perfect BBQ revealed as nation continues to enjoy the summer holidays

    As many continue to make the most of the warmer weather, our research has seen the nation align on their idea of the ‘perfect’ BBQ. Read more about the views of you, the public, here!

    Inside the Superbrands

    Inside the Superbrands on Channel 4, hosted by Helen Skelton, takes a look at some of Britain’s most popular brands, exploring how they became such a big a part of our cultural identity.

    Get some behind the scenes exclusives here, and some more information about some of the topics that were discussed on the programme.

    Got time for a break?

    Pop a couple of crumpets in the toaster, get yourself comfy to enjoy some of our TV ads – from recent years as well as some of our older ones…


    For Christmas, we brought our loyal Crumpet fans the ultimate in crumpet accessories in the form of our brand new, cosy Crumpet Slippers.

    No toes to be left in the cold after you’ve experienced these deliciously fluffy and tremendously toasty, Crumpet Slippers.

    At the end of 2020, what better way to round off the year than spreading some toasty fun and festive cheer.