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    Got time for a break?

    Pop a couple of crumpets in the toaster, get yourself comfy to enjoy some of our TV ads – from recent years as well as some of our older ones…

    It's all happening on social!

    For Christmas, we brought our loyal Crumpet fans the ultimate in crumpet accessories in the form of our brand new, cosy Crumpet Slippers.

    No toes to be left in the cold after you’ve experienced these deliciously fluffy and tremendously toasty, Crumpet Slippers.

    At the end of 2020, what better way to round off the year than spreading some toasty fun and festive cheer.

    A Crumpet Emoji for every mood!

    Introducing our 10 crumpet emoji’s, to help you express how you’re feeling on social media, via text and even on email – the possibilities are endless. The animated batch includes a sad crumpet, celebrating crumpet and even a dancing Christmas crumpet!