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    Brits’ perfect BBQ revealed

    As many continue to make the most of the warmer weather, research has seen the nation align on their idea of the ‘perfect’ BBQ. Taking place at 2pm, the occasion includes eight guests, touches on 23 degrees and lasts four hours.

    The study also revealed that while burgers (35%), hot dogs (26%), and steak (21%) still top the menu, many would also want fish (15%) and kebabs (18%) on the grill. Ketchup was also voted the favourite condiment (37%) followed by BBQ sauce and mayonnaise (both 31%).

    When polled on their favourite sides, a quarter believed that it wouldn’t be a proper BBQ without a bowl of coleslaw and 22% stated they enjoyed the addition of a potato salad. Nearly a fifth (18%) opted for washing down their food with a cider, while a further 18% chose wine and 21% preferred soft, fizzy drinks.

    Bringing it all together, the much-loved white burger bap (21%) remained a firm favourite as the nation’s preferred bread, followed by a brioche bun (13%) for those wishing to indulge in a more gourmet option.

    Nearly half (45%) admit that cooking BBQs is one of their favourite smells of the summer, and when quizzed on creating the perfect atmosphere, 47% opted for background music, while 21% would rather have sport playing on the TV. Whilst men are more likely to step up to the grill (38%), research has also revealed that a quarter of men admitted to regularly burning food on the BBQ.

    For those with a sweet tooth, ice cream has been deemed the perfect pudding (19%) with strawberries and cream taking second place (14%).

    When looking at the ideal location, gardens proved to be the most popular location of choice for hosting a BBQ for nearly half (42%) of all respondents.

    A spokesperson for Warburtons said: “As a nation, we love a BBQ, and come rain or shine they represent a great British summer. It’s been interesting to learn what the nation considers to be the ‘perfect BBQ’ and we’re thrilled to see that the classic white burger bap still tops the charts.”

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