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    As a family business, we recognise that we must take a responsible approach to how we package our products to minimise our impact on the planet for future generations. We don’t have all the solutions yet, but we are continuously looking at ways we can remove and reduce packaging and make it easier to recycle.


    Great news, our packaging can be recycled!

    Our packaging can be recycled either at home with your newspapers, at the front of most supermarket stores, or through our partnership with TerraCycle®! That’s right – everything from our bread bags to our wax wrapping and our bagels packs too. To confirm how to recycle your Warburtons packaging, click on the button below and to see how you can recycle each package.

    To find out more about recycling your packaging at front of store visit and search for plastic bags and wrapping. If you’d like to find out more about how you can recycle through the TerraCycle® scheme or become a Warburtons public drop-off location visit this link.

    We know that we still have a job to do in delivering long-term solutions to make recycling our packaging easier, which isn’t going to be easy. But rest assured we are committed to making the right long-term decisions and are working hard to make sure that we get it right.

    Remove and reduce

    The infrastructure in the UK isn’t set up to support household collections of all packaging materials so they can be recycled or re-processed. Therefore, we need to work hard to develop opportunities to ensure our packaging doesn’t go to landfill and remove and reduce packaging materials where possible.

    We are proud to have removed 26 tonnes of plastic per year from our Pancakes. We have also reduced the amount of plastic used by 38% in our Giant Crumpet trays and they now contain 30% recycled content. And, we’ve reduced the use of plastic in our bread bags saving 173 tonnes of plastic annually.

    And there is lots more that we can do!

    Innovating for the future

    We are working with our suppliers to develop new materials that provide the right level of protection for our products, but come with better environmental credentials. We have invested in trial machines at our Research & Innovation Centre that will help us to figure out what we can do in the future.

    Getting the balance right

    We want to ensure that we’re doing what’s right for the environment while continuing to deliver quality products that our customers expect from us. Our packaging plays an important role in preserving our products to reduce food waste and protect them against risk of damage or contamination. We have to make sure any changes we make don’t have unintended consequences, which is why we want to take our time to get it right.