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    As a fifth generation family business, there is nothing more important to us than our people and our communities. We have over 5,000 amazing people working across our organisation who make up our family and we want to ensure the best for them. We also know how important families are and are committed to helping them thrive by making a positive difference in our communities today, tomorrow and everyday. Since 1876, we have been passionate about supporting communities and families nationwide and that’s why we launched the Warburtons Foundation aiming to support families across England, Wales and Scotland.

    We have been involved with our communities for many years but realise there is more we can do. Our strategy aims to ensure we support the local communities we serve while also bringing value to our people and our business.

    Our strategy centres around three pillars: health, place and skills. You can read more about our strategy in the below document.

    Find out more about our work within the community, including how we can support your projects by reading through the below areas.

    The Warburtons Foundation

    Since 1876, we have been passionate about supporting communities and families nationwide. We launched the Warburtons Foundation in 2022 as a way to group together all of our community activities and set clear goals for what we want to achieve in our communities. The foundation aims to support families across the UK who are facing challenges by providing food education, product donations, and community initiatives.

    Community Investment

    We work with numerous organisations and support many people through our community programmes. We have a financial giving programme to support projects, activities and organisations that have charitable aims and will be of real direct benefit to families. We also offer product donations to support local community activities.

    Community Investment Reports

    Our latest Community Investment Reports provide more information on how we are supporting our communities, from our employee fundraising to our wheat education project.

    Cancer Research UK

    In 2015, we chose Cancer Research UK as our fundraising partner – and we have never looked back! Everyone at Warburtons has put a tremendous amount of effort, passion and hard work into organising activities up and down the country for Cancer Research UK – from bake sales to bike rides, bungee jumping to climbing wind turbines! We are proud to have raised over £3m through fundraising by our people and donations from the Warburtons family.

    Health and wellbeing

    It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do at Warburtons, we’re concerned about the health, happiness and overall wellbeing of every single member of our 5,000 strong family. That’s why we developed Live Well – our very own health and wellbeing programme, designed to offer help to our people to stay in the very best of health.

    Through Live Well, our people have access to a range of services and opportunities including occupational health, physiotherapy and the support services offered by GroceryAid, our industry’s charity. We also encourage and engage our people in their health and wellbeing by highlighting support and sharing information each month, aligned to our strategic pillars of Thinking Well, Living Well and Staying Well.

    Wheat Education Programme

    We build strong relationships with our farmers to ensure a consistent quality of wheat, as well as a reliable long-term supply. We have developed a sustainable farming plan which focuses on maintaining healthy soil and water, supporting biodiversity, understanding our farmers’ carbon footprint, and engaging them in community investment, and working with our farmers to bring the countryside to life for young people.

    Our Farm Visits help to educate families and allows our wheat farmers to connect with their local communities, build stronger relationships and encourage people to think about the long-term future of farming. In 2021, we expanded our programme and now also deliver our wheat-focused ‘Farm in a Box’ to primary schools across the country.