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    As a fifth-generation family business, it goes without saying we know how important families are. That’s why, since we began baking back in 1876, we have always KNEADED to play a ROLL (we couldn’t resist it sorry!) in making a positive difference to our local communities. From product donation and financial support, to educational resources and charity fundraising – we get up to lots of GOOD STUFF so have a little look at some of it below.

    Good stuff, it’s baked in at Warburtons.

    Cancer Research UK

    In 2015, we chose Cancer Research UK as our fundraising partner. We’re incredibly proud that we have now raised over £3m thanks to fundraising by our people and donations from the Warburtons family.

    And when we needed a running hero to raise money for Cancer Research UK, there was only one person to call! Crumpy. Our 6’4’ anthropomorphic crumpet!

    Find out more about Crumpy’s journey, and our work with Cancer Research UK.

    Wheat Education

    We might not be rocket scientists, but we know our buns from our bagels. So we’ve created our Wheat Education Programme to help kids learn more about how the toast and crumpets they love get from the fields to their faces.

    As part of this, we’ve teamed up with The Country Trust to provide schools with a free “Farm-In-A-Box” as well as access to online resources, so kids can learn where Toastie Loaf really comes from. (We wish it was orange cows too)

    Check if you can get your school involved.

    Product Donations

    Our bakeries and distribution hubs support their local communities in lots of ways, one being through product donation.

    Every year, we team up with schools and organisations like Magic Breakfast, to donate millions of breakfasts to schools across the UK. We make the toast, so they can make it disappear.

    Find out more and apply for product donation support.

    Financial Giving

    Our financial giving programme supports projects, charities, and organisations across Britain.

    Like Kev here. His initiative, Wheelie Good Dads, helps young dads in the North East share active time with their kids. So we donated £20,000 because we think he can wheelie make a difference!

    Check if you’re eligible to apply for a grant for your community project.

    Ask for Ellen

    Along with the nice guys at Morrisons, we’ve been giving families, and anyone else for that matter, a helping hand in the school holidays.

    Just ‘Ask for Ellen’ at any Morrisons café and you can get free Warburtons Crumpets (toppings too)!

    Find out more about when the offer is on.


    Making great quality bread and delicious baked goods is important to us (obviously, it’s what we do!). So that’s why our family of farmers is so important to us, so we can work together to grow the specific type of wheat we need to make our lovely loaves, bagels, pittas, crumpets and the rest!

    This is Suzi. Her family has been producing wheat for us for over 25 Years. We take pride in building long-term relationships with farmers like Suzi. And Suzi takes pride in producing the best wheat she can.

    Find out more about how we strive for quality.