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    We are a family business and we want everyone who works with us to share our family values. We also want our supply chain to operate responsibly and ethically, so we work collaboratively with our suppliers to help them understand our values and ensure that they do business in the right way.

    Our family of suppliers

    We work closely with all our suppliers to ensure they understand our values, and that they do business in the right way. We are committed to ensuring sustainable supply in accordance with clearly defined and monitored ethical standards. Our approach to supply chain ethics is set out in our Ethical Principles. To help with our supplier due diligence, we utilise the globally recognised platform SEDEX with our ingredient and packaging suppliers.

    Our farmers

    We build strong relationships with our farmers to ensure a consistent quality of wheat, as well as a reliable long-term supply. We have developed a sustainable farming plan which focuses on maintaining healthy soil and water, supporting biodiversity, understanding our farmers’ carbon footprint, and engaging them in community investment, and working with our farmers to bring the countryside to life for young people.

    By focusing on these four pillars, our business and our farmers can continue to work in partnership for generations to come. To find out more about farming at Warburtons visit our dedicated Farming page.

    Palm oil

    We only use a relatively small amount of palm, circa 1,200 tonnes each year – and we work hard to ensure we source the most sustainable palm oil possible by building relationships with socially responsible suppliers.

    We have been an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2010, achieving 100% RSPO certified palm supply that same year. 100% of the palm we purchase is from fully segregated sustainable supply chains which means that the palm used in the products manufactured by us, has not been mixed with uncertified, unsustainable sources at any point in the supply chain.

    Please see our Palm Oil Statement for further information.