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    Take a look behind the scenes

    If you haven’t seen the new C4 series of “Inside the Superbrands” then where have you been? The show, hosted by Helen Skelton, takes a look at some of Britain’s most popular brands, exploring how they became such a big a part of our cultural identity.

    Get some behind the scenes exclusives below, and some more information about some of the topics that were discussed on the programme.

    A little bit about us

    Hopefully you will get to know us a little better from watching the show! Since our company was first established by Thomas and Ellen Warburton back in 1876, it has been passed down through five generations of family bakers, and proudly remains a private family-owned and run business. You’ll see Jonathan on the show, but we also have Ross and Brett Warburton as our Executive Directors.

    You will probably also recognise Jonathan from our latest TV adverts, and hear how his family before him featured in our adverts too. You can watch some of these here.

    Born and bred in Bolton, Lancashire, where our headquarters are still based, we now employ nearly 5,000 employees across the UK and produce over 2 million bakery products each day. We have over 70 products in our range, from our melt-in-the-mouth crumpets to our classic Toastie loaf. And, as you’ll see on the programme, quality remains at the heart of everything that we do. Yes, we really do count how many holes are in our crumpets – it matters!


    Introducing Ellie Warburtons

    That’s right, we have launched a delicious range of premium sweet treats under the Ellie Warburtons name. This new brand builds on our family business’ 146-year heritage of producing great quality bakery products, and offers eight mouth-watering flavours of sweet cakes including the wonderfully indulgent Cookie Dough with Caramel Slice and zesty Lemon with Blackberry Compote. Sounds delicious, right? As well as the shop in Skipton which you will have seen on the show, you can buy them online to enjoy now!

    Caring for our environment

    You’ll have heard on the programme that food waste is a big problem nationally. We want to make sure that we do our bit to minimise food waste, within our manufacturing and distribution operations, and also in our consumer’s homes.

    We take great pride in making our products and hate to see them wasted. Within our operations, we are proud to say we have avoided sending any Warburtons food product to landfill since 2015. Any surplus products we have are redistributed to charities or made into animal feed.

    Since 2017, over 345 tonnes of product has been redistributed to help those in need, through our partnerships with Fareshare, Company Shop and other charitable organisations.

    We know that we still need to do more to ensure that all products we bake are consumed by people and are working hard to make this happen. We have also just launched the Warburtons Foundation to concentrate all of our efforts in the community with some big commitments and more to come.

    Like what you see? Want to join our family?

    We are recruiting now for various roles from Drivers to Warehouse Managers to Project Engineers. Find out more and apply using the link below. We’d love for you to join us!