New research marks launch of our Warburtons Foundation, pledging to help local communities at a time of financial uncertainty

New research has revealed the nation’s top signs of a great neighbour, with ‘a willingness to accept deliveries’, ‘keeping an eye on the house when the owner is away’, and ‘taking in the bins in’ leading the list.

The study revealed the top 30 signs of being a good neighbour, and as a nation we seem to have a lot of them, with 77 per cent believing their street has some good neighbours, while a confident 92 per cent feel they are personally a great person to live next to. What’s more, the research found that Brits say ‘hello’ to people on their street six times a week – almost daily!

The new research comes as we launch The Warburtons Foundation, which is our pledge to support and bring together local communities by helping them at a time of continued financial uncertainty. The Foundation will focus on three key areas: product donation, education, and financial giving. One million fresh products will be donated nationally to schools, foodbanks and community groups by the end of the year.

It appears that community and our relationship with our neighbours is becoming increasingly important to us:

  • One in five feel that the pandemic helped bring them closer to their neighbours
  • 14 per cent say they are happier to open up to others in their community since the pandemic
  • 25 per cent discuss the rising cost of living with their neighbours
  • One in six have given or received advice from their neighbours in relation to money saving,
  • And 26 per cent rely on their neighbours more than ever when it comes to trying to save money, for example by borrowing items from a neighbour instead of buying them new (18 per cent) and teaming up on a food shop to save on costs (14 per cent).

But while older Brits would traditionally call upon others for a ‘cup of sugar’, modern day versions include asking neighbours for DIY tools, coffee, phone chargers and even lateral flow tests. Despite financial struggles, a quarter of those polled donate an average of £20 a month to community initiatives – including local charities, fundraising events and Neighbourhood Watch, while 18 per cent are involved in other ways.

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, said: “Being a family business, local communities are at the heart of what we do, and ever since we opened our first bakery, we’ve been committed to supporting local communities. It’s interesting to see the things that people feel make up a great neighbour, and even more insightful to find out who thinks they fit the bill themselves – a big percentage of the nation.

“It’s likely our relationships with neighbours and within communities has changed in recent years, with more time spent at home, bringing people closer. The results of this research show that having a decent neighbour to rely on or turn to for advice is more important than ever, with rise of living costs likely to have an impact on every household. That’s why we have launched The Warburtons Foundation, where we’ve pledged to support communities across the UK through product donation, education and financial giving.”

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