We are committed to looking after our people, working collaboratively with our suppliers and making a positive contribution in the communities in which we operate to support the needs of society both now and in the future.

Community Investment

As a fifth generation family business, we are committed to supporting families in the communities we operate in. That’s why our community investment philosophy is simple: "Families Matter".

The importance of families is clear to us; our main consumers are families and the business has been grown by five generations of the Warburtons family.

We identified the key difficulties that families face and how they are interlinked. Through this analysis, we have decided to focus our support on the challenges that families face on a daily basis (health, financial stability and worklessness) and the opportunities that families have to succeed in the future (health education, aspiration, and employability and skills). We will continue to invest financial donations, product and employee time in supporting families in these areas.

Our local communities are incredibility important to our business, and have been throughout our 140-year history. Our Families Matter programme is focused on supporting disadvantaged families in the local areas around our sites with key social issues, helping create opportunities to support their futures. In the last financial year 2016/17 we worked with 2,891 organisations and supported 685,572 people through our community programmes.

For more information on our work in local communities click Community. Here you can apply for grant funding or product donation for your charitable initiative, or find out more about our award-winning School Visitors programme, access our teaching resources and request a visit.

Health & Wellbeing

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do at Warburtons, we’re concerned about the health, happiness and overall wellbeing of every single member of our 4,500 strong family. That’s why we developed Live Well – our very own health and wellbeing programme, designed to offer help to our people to stay in the very best of health.

Through Live Well, our people have access to a range of services and opportunities including onsite nurses, physiotherapy and an Employee Wellbeing Helpline. We also make sure we try to encourage and engage our people in their health and wellbeing by offering a range of balanced nutritious meals in our canteens, providing access to health advice through our charity partner CRUK and getting our people involved in initiatives such as Healthy Eating Week.


Our suppliers are part of our extended family and we believe it is important that we take a collaborative approach to working with them to ensure they understand our values, and that they do business in the right way.

We are committed to ensuring sustainable supply in accordance with clearly defined and monitored ethical standards. Our approach to supply chain ethics is set out in our Ethical Principles . To help with our supplier due diligence, we utilise the globally recognised platform SEDEX with our ingredient and packaging suppliers.


We build strong relationships with our farmers to ensure a consistent quality of wheat, as well as a reliable long-term supply. In the UK, as part of our five year contract with Openfield, commencing from our 2017 harvest, we have developed a five year sustainable farming plan. The plan focuses on maintaining healthy soil and water, supporting biodiversity, understanding our farmers’ carbon footprint and engaging them in community investment, working with our farmers to bring the countryside to life for young people. By focusing on these four pillars, our business and our farmers can continue to work in partnership for generations to come.

Palm Oil Suppliers

Warburtons uses only a relatively small amount of palm oil, circa 1,200 tonnes each year – but 100% of the palm oil we use is recognised as sustainably sourced. We work hard to ensure we source the most sustainable palm oil possible by building relationships with socially responsible suppliers.

Warburtons has been an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2010 and we scored 9 out of a possible 9 in the most recently published World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Global Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard in 2016. We continue to work with our suppliers and are on track to meet a target of 100% segregated sustainable palm oil by the end of 2020. Please see our Palm Oil Statement for further information.