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    You will need

    Warburtons Gluten Free Soft Sliced Brioche Rolls or White Square Rolls

    2 carrots

    1/2 red cabbage

    1 lime

    Olive oil

    Fresh coriander

    1 egg

    3 tbsp gluten free plain flour

    1 tbsp peri peri seasoning




    Make with

    Warburtons Gluten Free Brioche Rolls

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    Make it

    | Serves 4

    1. Grate 2 carrots and half a red cabbage, and mix together with juice of 1 lime, 1tbsp olive oil and fresh coriander
    2. Crack an egg into a bowl and beat lightly, in another bowl mix 3tbsp gluten free plain flour with 1tbsp peri peri seasoning
    3. Slice your halloumi, then dip each slice in the egg, then the flour and peri flour mix
    4. Heat 2tbsp oil in a frying pan, and fry your halloumi for a couple of minutes on each side
    5. Mix a little peri peri seasoning with mayo and spread on one half of your @warburtonsgf Soft Sliced Brioche Roll or Super Soft Sliced Square Roll
    6. Add lettuce, peri peri halloumi, your tangy slaw and the top of your roll, and ENJOY!