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    Gluten Free Seeded Rolls

    Super Soft Seeded Rolls (GF)

    12 White Warburtons Rolls

    12 Sliced White Rolls

    The best thing since sliced bread… the sliced roll! Wonderfully soft and sliced for convenience, these tasty white rolls are perfect for packed lunches, ...

    Warburtons 6 Sliced White Rolls

    6 Sliced White Rolls

    The best thing since sliced bread… the sliced, white roll! Perfect for home mealtimes, summer BBQ’s and packed lunches. Not only are our ...

    Warburtons 4 Sliced White Sandwich Rolls

    4 Sliced Sandwich Rolls

    Our square shaped rolls are produced and baked in a distinctive way to give a soft, moist roll with a great texture. This unique ...

    Warburtons 4 Brioche Burger Buns

    4 Brioche Burger Buns

    Our Brioche Burger Buns are perfect for BBQ’s, and premium burgers at home. Contains butter and egg for an ...

    Warburtons 4 Large White Rolls

    4 Large White Rolls

    The best thing since sliced bread….the sliced roll, and it comes in this large size too with our 4 Large White Rolls! Perfect for ...

    Warburtons 6 Sliced Wholemeal Rolls

    6 Sliced Wholemeal Rolls

    Our delicious Wholemeal Rolls are an easy way of adding an extra something to home-made sandwiches or packed lunches and are a wholemeal alternative ...

    Warburtons 6 Hot Dog Rolls

    6 Hot Dog Rolls

    Deliciously soft, our Hot Dog Rolls are cleverly sliced from the top so that they are easier to use and more importantly…easier to ...

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