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    Our family has nearly 5,000 members, and we all work together to create our success and look after each other. We want all our colleagues to go home to their families in the same condition they came to work at the end of every day. Our vision is to provide a safe working environment by promoting a positive culture and continuously improving the health and safety of our colleagues whilst fulfilling our obligations to protect the environment. We work hard to continually improve our standards across our 28 sites and put safety at the forefront of how we operate.


    Our plan means we can ensure all colleagues look after their own and each other’s safety and where we are all mindful of each other’s wellbeing. We hold ourselves to account by ensuring pro-active engagement, advocacy and review by senior leaders. The importance of leading for safety and well-being is well understood – and we encourage this from all our colleagues as much as we do from those in leadership roles. As well as monitoring the outcomes of our safety conversations and commitments, we continually want to learn how to get better and this philosophy is essential to our journey.

    Health - live well

    The health and wellbeing of our people goes beyond keeping them safe at work. Through our Live Well Strategy, we support both the mental and physical well being of our family of employees. We provide access to on site physiotherapy as well as general support, training, and guidance to ensure our people stay well and healthy.

    Protecting the environment

    We have 28 sites across the UK and it is our duty as a responsible business to ensure that we take all necessary steps to ensure we protect the environment. This means making sure we are always legally compliant and going the extra mile where we can.

    Our safety commitments

    Our family of nearly 5,000 members are expected to give safety commitments – the promises we make to each other to look after our own and each other’s safety.