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    We have launched the first ever National Crumpet Week in celebration of one of the nation’s favourite comfort foods. If there are days dedicated to avocados or bacon butty’s, we figured crumpets should have a whole week, right?!

    Brits’ favourite comfort foods

    To celebrate the classic comfort food during National Crumpet Week, we conducted a survey to reveal Brits’ favourite comfort foods. We discovered that nearly three quarters of Brits say that comfort foods are one of their favourite things about the colder seasons. Bacon sandwiches, apple crumble, a classic roast chicken dinner and buttered crumpets all feature in the top 20 list. Read the full story below!

    Crumpet Recipe Hacks!

    To celebrate National Crumpet Week, we have created a series of at-home crumpet recipe hacks, and have even teamed up with Pizza Hut Delivery to create the next viral sensation – the Crumpet Crust pizza! In a hole-y new take on the stuffed crust, Pizza Hut’s classic pepperoni pizza crust is replaced with cheesy toasted crumpets!

    Alongside the Pizza Hut Delivery x Warburtons Crumpet Crust Pizza, the series of at-home crumpet hacks includes:

    • The Crumpnut –a delectable crumpet donut topped with icing and sprinkles
    • The Crumpet Breakfast Stack– a mouth-watering breakfast burger complete with fried egg, American cheese, sausage patty and bacon, sandwiched between two crumpet ‘buns’
    • The Crump-Bao Bun, taking your bao game to the next level with teriyaki pork garnished with coriander, chilli and sesame seeds, encased in a soft pillowy crumpet to absorb all the saucy goodness

    Find the recipes here to give them a go, and head to our social channels to share your creations during National Crumpet Week!

    Make your own crumpets!

    With Brits using their time during the pandemic to become star bakers, we decided to share our family recipe so budding bakers can attempt to recreate these delicious treats themselves. Why not give it a go during National Crumpet Week? Be sure to share your creations with us by tagging us on social media!