Pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce and even Christmas pudding form Brits’ favourite fillings for the festive sarnie

-71% of people say they will eat up to 11 sandwiches over the Christmas period

-66% of Brits chose turkey as the essential ingredient in their festive sarnie

-1 in 7 (14%) say they would be willing to forgo the meat and have a vegan Christmas sandwich

-30% of Brits admit to adding non-conventional ingredients to their perfect Christmas sandwich, even including chocolate coins, Christmas pudding, egg and avocado


With the nation still undecided on what makes up the perfect Christmas sandwich, Warburtons has taken matters into its own hands to poll UK Brits and reveal the key ingredients required to hit the festive taste buds and get them ‘bready’ for Christmas this year.


With over 50 Christmas combinations in the running, the nation has spoken and a sandwich consisting of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise and pigs in blankets is the flavour winner, with 12pm-1pm on Boxing Day being the favoured time to devour it.


Brits love their Christmas sandwiches, with 71% saying they will eat up to 11 over the Christmas period, and over a third (37%) of people stating that they get excited when they spot them on sale.


Drilling into the detail, the nation’s favourite Christmas sarnie fillings starts with a healthy dose of salted butter (25%), before adding mayonnaise (27%) and then cranberry sauce (34%). 2% even admitted to adding some Christmas pudding into their sandwich for a sweet twist, and 9% said they would add hipster favourite avocado into the mix.


The poll of 2,000 Brits also revealed the top five fillings; turkey was crowned the sandwich champion, with 66% saying it has to feature in their Christmas sandwich. This is followed by chicken (44%), roast ham (42%), beef (35%) and brie (21%). A vegetarian sandwich was also a popular choice amongst 11% of Brits, with cauliflower cheese and nut roast teamed together for their sarnie of choice.


With more and more consumers adopting a vegan diet, one in seven (14%) revealed that they would choose the former over a meat or vegetarian option, with their favourite ingredients being roast potatoes (12%), beetroot (12%) and falafel (7%).


When it comes to alternative ingredients, most surprisingly, Brits revealed how some sweet treats are a great addition to jazz up a Christmas sandwich. 5% admitted to adding Christmas pudding, brandy butter or crumbling leftover fruit cake into their sandwich to further indulge on Christmas Day.


Darren Littler, Innovation Director at Warburtons, said:

“The Christmas sandwich is a national talking point each year and it’s clear that Brits are particular when it comes to what should and should not be included. During the festive period, our commitment to delivering the freshest bread continues, so whether you have a sweet or savoury inclination, Brits can be assured that Warburtons has the best bread to hold it all together – Merry Crust-mas everyone!”


The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Sandwich recipe:

•Thick white sliced bread





•Pigs in blankets

•Cranberry sauce



The top five Christmas sandwich fillings:

1.Turkey (66%)

2.Chicken (44%)

3.Honey roast ham (42%)

4.Beef (35%)

5.Brie (22%)

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