Our financial giving programme is aimed at supporting projects, activities and organisations that have charitable aims and will be of real direct benefit to families. The support we provide should reach charities and organisations delivering work that aligns to our priorities and has a direct and tangible impact.

We will support organisations that focus on solving significant social issues, as defined through our Financial Giving Policy. We work with the Charities Aid Foundation to deliver our financial giving programme, to ensure that all organisations we support are charitable in nature and that we accurately record our social impact.

We will support charities and organisations financially in two ways: Community Grants and Project Grants.

Community Grants: You can apply for community grants below; our definition of community grants is included in our Financial Giving Policy.

Project Grants: We manage project grant applications through a closed process, meaning that we contact suitable organisations and request applications. Any applications that have been submitted through the previous open system will be considered in this closed process.

Please note that the organisations invited to apply for project grants are considered on an annual basis through an independent review by our partner, the Charities Aid Foundation. Unfortunately, as a result, there are no opportunities to put forward a request seeking support for your own organisation.

Type of funding Location of organisation / project eligible to apply Funding Limits
Community grants England, Wales and Scotland Up to and including £250
Project grants Within 15 miles of our bakery or depot site £1,000 - £10,000

Thank you for taking time to read through our approach to working with families and communities on financial support. If you wish to apply for a community grant, please click on the link below where further details are provided of the application process.

Community Grant