On this page you can apply for a small grant from Warburtons (up to £250). We wish to support charitable organisations that require small grants to help them deliver a broader activity.

Based on our localism approach, our community investment funds are allocated to our local bakeries and depots. This helps us to make the best decisions for our local community. We will use your postcode to understand which of our sites is closest to you. They will then receive the application and make a decision.

Our Community Grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis to help streamline the process. This means that if you wish to apply for a Community Grant you will need to do so before the corresponding date each quarter. Decisions will be made within 6 weeks of the deadline, and charities will be informed thereafter.

The new deadlines for charities to apply for Community Grants are below.

Opens Closes
Q4 22-May 2019 12-Aug 2019
Q1 14-Aug 2019 11-Nov 2019
Q2 13-Nov 2019 10-Feb 2020
Q3 12-Feb 2020 11-May 2020
Q4 13-May 2020 12-Aug 2020

Please note that we have a limited amount of money for grant funding and will not be able to support all applications with this:

By clicking on this link you will be redirected to the application form hosted by our partners, The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

CAF will be helping us to deliver the Warburtons Families Matter Community Grants programme, including the payment process. CAF may get in touch with you directly, to ask for your bank account details and any documents they need from you. CAF will process your data to validate your organisation and will act as data controller for this information, and for your bank account details and any information they collect directly from you. Warburtons and CAF will act as controllers in common for the purposes of your data. More information is available on CAF’s Privacy Notice.

If you are successful, CAF will transfer your Grant directly into your bank account, which must be in your organisation's registered name.

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