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    You will need

    2 slices of Malted Grains and Seeds 400g loaf

    1/2 roasted chicken breast

    Handful of crunchy lettuce

    Chopped Cucumber

    1 tomato chopped

    1 tablespoon of lemon mayonnaise

    Make with

    malted grain and seeds 400 packshot

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    Make it

    5 minutes | Serves 1

    1. Place fresh, crunchy lettuce on a slice of Warburtons Malted Seeds & Grains and top with diagonally-sliced grilled chicken breasts.
    2. Add chopped cucumber and tomatoes.
    3. Drizzle with lemon mayonnaise and place a second slice of Warburtons Malted Seeds & Grains on top, for a delicious sandwich.