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    You will need

    4 slices Warburtons White Farmhouse loaf

    200ml whipping cream

    1tbs icing sugar

    2 tbs condensed milk

    1 kiwi fruit

    1 small banana

    8-10 strawberries

    Make with

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    Make it

    | Serves 2

    1)  Whip the cream with the condensed milk and icing sugar in a medium sized bowl then pop back in the fridge

    2)  Cut the crusts off the bread to make neat square slices

    3)  Wash and prepare the fruit – cut the tops off the strawberries but keep them whole, peel the kiwi and cut into quarters lengthways, peel and half the banana

    4)  Divide the cream between the slices of bread and spread almost to the edges but not quite. Arrange the fruit on top of two of the slices, so that it will look pretty when the sandwich is cut

    5)  Top with the other two slices of bread and press together very gently. Wrap in foil or reusable sandwich wraps and pop in the fridge for an hour (or in the freezer for half an hour)

    6)  Unwrap the sandwiches and use a really sharp knife to cut into triangles