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    You will need

    4 slices Warburtons Half White Half Wholemeal medium bread

    a little margarine (or spread of choice)

    50g cooked turkey breast, sliced

    12 slices cucumber

    2 slices Edam cheese

    1 slice ham

    50g Red Leicester cheese

    ½ red pepper

    2 paper straws 

    Make with

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    Make it

    15 minutes | Serves 2

    1. Put the bread onto a board and spread with margarine.
    2. In the first sandwich, add the turkey, 6 slices of cucumber and one slice of Edam cheese, then press down to hold together.
    3. In another sandwich, add the ham, 6 slices of cucumber and Edam cheese, then press down to hold together.
    4. Stamp out 4 round circles from each sandwich using a 4 cm round cutter and thread 4 circles onto each straw.
    5. Cut out 2 triangles from the red Leicester cheese and push onto the top of the straw.
    6. Stamp out 2 stars from the pepper and push onto the bottom of the straw skewer

    TOP TIP! As an alternative, turn this into a classic kids’ club skewer using bacon, lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, and soft cream cheese.