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    You will need

    2 Warburtons Crumpets

    2 tbs crushed tomatoes or passata

    A few mozzarella pearls, sliced or 20g mozzarella from a ball

    A few very thin slices of yellow pepper

    2 black olives sliced

    Few thin slices of fresh green chillies

    A few thin slices of cooked chicken

    A few thin slices of red onion

    1 cherry tomato sliced

    Make with

    Warburtons 6 Crumpets

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    Make it

    15 minutes | Serves 1

    1. Lightly toast the crumpets and keep the grill on a medium heat.
    2. Spread a spoonful of the crushed tomatoes onto each crumpet then arrange the mini mozzarella slices over the top. Add the toppings of your choice then pop back under the grill.
    3. Grill for 2 minutes or until the cheese is melted and starting to turn golden.
    4. Serve your crumpet pizzas with a side salad.