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    You will need

    4 Warburtons Crumpets

    1/2 tsp English mustard

    2-3 tsp cream cheese

    75g red Leicester cheese, grated

    100g thin ham slices

    2 eggs

    oil for frying

    Make with

    Warburtons 6 Crumpets

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    Make it

    15 mins | Serves 2

    • Heat the grill to medium-high.
    • Make your cheat’s bechamel by mixing cream cheese with mustard
    • Toast + butter 4 crumpets
    • Top 2 with the grated cheese. Grill until melted and bubbling.
    • Meanwhile fry 2 eggs.
    • Top 2 crumpets with a layer of cheat’s bechamel and a slice of ham
    • Carefully sandwich the grilled cheese crumpets on top with the cheese facing down
    • Finish with an egg on top of each crumpet sandwich
    • Stack in a tower of 4