Find out lots of facts you may never have known about Warburtons below!

1. We are the second biggest grocery brand in the UK based on value sales, after Coca Cola.*

2. We have doubled in size over the last decade.
3. We are the "most loved bakery brand" in the UK.**
4. We produce more than 2 million of our famous wax wrapped loaves, wraps, crumpets, pancakes and bread rolls a day – with Warburtons volume share accounting for just over a quarter of the total wrapped bakery market, which is worth more than £2.7 billion a year.***
5. We deliver to 18,500 retail customers each week, a number which has grown by more than 1,000 since last year alone.
6. In 2015, we invested £20million in sandwich alternatives, with our bakery in Burnley equipped with the capability to produce 34,000 individual items per hour.
7. We currently operate 12 bakeries and 14 depots across the UK.
8. We have invested more than £400million in our business over the past decade, building new bakeries, refurbishing others and upgrading distribution networks to ensure our products are as fresh as possible when they arrive at the point of sale.
9. We have more bakeries in the UK than our competitors which enables us to provide customers with fresh bread.
10. We are a family bakers founded by Thomas and Ellen Warburton in 1876 in Bolton.
11. In 1991, Jonathan, Brett and Ross Warburton inherited the business to become the fifth generation of dedicated family bakers to lead the organisation.
12. We operate with the support of over 4,500 employees and pride ourselves on an impeccable record for employee retention - over 40% of the team have stayed in the business for over 10 years, our voluntary turnover rate is just 7.27% per year, and our overall employee engagement score is an encouraging 83%.
13. In 2011, Warburtons became the first big bakery brand to open a dedicated gluten free bakery at Newburn, near Newcastle upon Tyne.  Our Newburn Bakehouse range is now sold in shops and supermarkets across the country.
14. We offer a wide choice of products that cater for different diets and healthy balanced lifestyles, including our gluten free and Weight Watchers range.
15. Each year one per cent of our pre-tax profits are donated to grass roots projects aimed at having a positive effect on the aspirations, education, skills and employability of young people across the UK.
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