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    it’s all about balance

    To live a healthy life, we need to be sure that we take care of all aspects of our lives and those that we love.

    Whether you’re a busy individual who is always on the go with a hectic combination of work and social activities, a growing family with a weekly activity calendar that keeps you on your toes or you have plenty of time to review, relax and recharge – the rules remain the same.

    If you feed your body with the right amount of the good stuff, then you’re on the right track. Food gives us energy and the right combination of foods can make the difference between being tired and irritable and being a powerhouse!

    There are small things that you can do every day to make positive differences to your health. We understand that they’re not all always possible every single day but the more you can build into your daily lives, the better building blocks you’ll have for health, energy, bright thinking and all round happiness.

    Enjoy a balanced diet

    A diet based around the right amounts of starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta, eaten with plenty of fruit and vegetables, protein rich foods like meat, fish or lentils, milk or dairy in measured quantities and making good choices about salt, fat and sugar will provide all the nutrients that you need.

    It’s all about balance.

    Take regular exercise

    It doesn’t mean you need to pound the treadmill daily at the local gym, it’s simply about moving more. Whatever your age or ability, we could all make some simple swaps that would benefit our health.

    Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress.

    It might mean taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking the dog on a longer route, or taking up a hobby.

    Stay hydrated

    We all need water for good health. Aim to drink plenty throughout the day and try to stick to water and herbal teas rather than drinks with added sugar.

    Tea, coffee and milk all count but there’s no substitute for plain old water! Being properly hydrated will ensure that your energy levels are high, is great for your muscles and joints and can even improve your mood!

    Remember your 5 a day

    If you start the day by having a breakfast including some fruit then you’re off to a great start. Check out some of the quick and easy suggestions on the recipe section for meals that you can whip up in no time at all, for every meal occasion.

    Frozen portions count too and can sometimes be cheaper. It also means that you will always have them at home which makes it even easier to dish up a delicious snack!

    Be aware of the guidelines for daily amounts of salt, fat & sugars

    It’s important to be aware of your salt and fat content, and it’s as simple as making sensible choices and enjoying a balance of foods.

    Read the labels and try to ensure that you are familiar with the recommended daily guidelines and reference intakes. The below gives a good overview of the current guidelines and the limits for an average adult

    2,000 KCAL

    2,000 KCAL

    Energy 2,000 Kcal/ 8,400KJ
















    Ensure a work-life balance

    Finding a work balance is often hard to achieve, especially these days where we are expected to answer emails, texts and calls on the move. Wherever we are and whatever else we are doing, it can be hard to separate the two.

    Remember the importance of family time, exercise, leisure, hobbies and friendships – all of these have untold positive effects on the balance of our lives. Try to ensure that you protect the time that you spend on these elements and when you feel the balance slipping, try to take positive steps to re-adjust.

    Try to have some time each day that are non-screen hours. Maybe it’s switching off your phone for an hour in the evening to spend with your children before they go to bed, or to ensure that you have some proper time to unwind and resist the temptation to check emails or update social media!

    Relaxation & sleep

    Try and build in some relaxation time into each day to help you prepare for a sound night’s sleep. You may have a young family, a job that involves long or unsociable hours, or just find it hard to fit in any downtime on a regular basis.

    Whether it’s a soak in the bath, reading a book, catching up on your favourite TV or doing something that you find relaxing! Try and devote a little time to yourself, however brief, and once you have started it try to build it up by adding five minutes each time so you take slightly longer each day.

    A good night’s sleep is also essential for good health, try to avoid taking phones to bed, turn off the TV in good time and try some supper with maybe a milky drink.

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