A busy family life can often mean that time is precious but it’s important to remember that children need their own healthy living agenda too! Here are some top tips to give you a head start…

Monitor sugary snacks and drinks

The guidelines on this are constantly being reviewed and there are daily articles in the news on the government's plan to tackle this. As parents the best thing that we can do is be aware of the guidelines and as with our own intake make sensible choices.

Limit screen time

Increasingly youngsters can operate devices better than their parents! Tablets, phones and other digital technology can be a great support for learning, stimulating thinking and acquiring new skills, however as with other aspects of a healthy, balanced life there must be a balance.

Applying a timer to certain devices can be a useful way of keeping track but another useful tip is to charge devices weekly on a particular day. The children can make choices about how and when they consume their screen time but are aware that there are weekly limits and when it's run out that's it until the following week!

Encourage fresh air and outdoor activities

There are some great ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air together. It might be a regular family walk at a weekend or an area of the garden devoted to an outdoor project for the children or a new hobby that takes you all out together!

Fresh air colours rosy cheeks and that's something that we all benefit from once in a while!

Routine is key

Mornings and bedtimes can be the keys to a happy household. This is often when there is a lot to do in a small window of time. Children love to know what they are doing and what is expected of them and routine can be a comfort to many children.

Being organised helps and a reward chart is a great way for speeding up the morning routine or games which makes getting ready for school or bed fun!