Quality is not just a value for us, it’s an obsession. We are committed to making the best bread in Britain and are very proud that the freshness of our products marks us out as a leader in the industry.

Our Values QualityWe're so obsessed with quality that we can track every one of the 2 million products we bake every day to ensure they're fresh when they get to your local store – we even send our own mystery shoppers to test the freshness of our bread.

Our dedicated Quality and Technical team carries out rigorous tests to ensure the highest standards of quality are met and that continuous improvements are made. From the performance of the flour, to the colour of the crust and the texture of the bread, there is no part of the product that goes untested. We also recognise and reward our bakeries which strive to produce the highest quality bread daily through our monthly 'Derrick Warburton Trophy'.

The way we source our ingredients is absolutely key to the quality of our products and we source all our ingredients to ensure the highest ethical and quality standards. For example, we’ve been contracting with the same farmers in the UK and Canada for more than 15 years, this continuity helps us ensure that we source only the best wheat for our products.