In our business, we see ambition as being absolutely fundamental to our future success. Continual innovation underpins our business model, whether it's continuing to bring new variants of our products to our consumers or delivering wheat- and gluten-free products for those who have intolerances.

In fact, our ambition is to become Britain's Best Food Business.

We are one of the most technologically advanced businesses in UK food manufacturing. We have invested more than £400 million in our business over the past ten years, building new bakeries, refurbishing others and upgrading distribution networks. In the last decade, we have opened and upgraded seven bakeries with state-of-the-art technology, including investing £1million to upgrade the crumpet plant at our Enfield bakery in London.

Crumpets on a conveyor beltAmbition is about challenging ourselves to constantly reassess how we can provide British families with high quality food that's easy to buy and forms part of a healthy balanced diet. We're constantly racking our brains for great new ideas for feeding Britain's families, consistent with the high quality they expect from Warburtons.

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