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Do Warburtons offer donations?

Do Warburtons offer coupons/samples?

We’re unable to send coupons or samples however please see our Facebook/Twitter and Instagram as they occasionally have promotions.

Why doesn’t your bread fit in my toaster?

At Warburtons we are passionate about baking fresh, soft and great tasting bread and we select the best quality and blend of ingredients to bake the best loaf. By doing this, Warburtons large loaves (800g size) have slice profiles that are consistently taller. We have found the taller the loaf, the softer the bread. To reduce the slice height would entail using a smaller weight of dough or the bread not being as soft.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

All of our products are 100% suitable for vegetarians and the majority are suitable for vegans. As we use milk, butter, eggs and honey in some of our products it’s always best to check the ingredients list on the packaging (or our website - for confirmation.

Do Warburtons products contain nuts?

All of our products are nut free however our Multigrain and Seed, and Country White Speciality Loaves and our Brioche Burger Buns are baked in a bakery which uses nuts in other products. Always check the packaging for allergen details.

Do any of the E numbers used in Warburtons products originate from animals?

None of the E numbers used within our products are from an animal source.

How should I store my Warburtons product?

We recommend storing in a cool place away from light and heat sources. Refrigerating bread products can cause the product to stale quicker.

Can I freeze Warburtons products?

Most products can be frozen for up to 3 months with the exception of Crusty, Tiger and Gluten Free which are 1 month. The freezer temperature must be no less than -18 degrees as this will affect the quality of the product once defrosted. You can toast products from frozen, however the quality is much better if defrosted first.

Why does Warburtons use palm oil?

Our bread-making process means we need a small amount of hard fat in the recipe and in order to avoid animal fats we use certified palm oil. We responsibly source the small amounts of palm oil we use and are members of the Roundtable on Sustainability Palm Oil (RSPO). Please see our statement on Palm Oil:

Why does Warburtons use soya?

Soya flour acts as a carrier for the smaller ingredients and contributes to the volume and the softness of the bread.

Why do you need salt in bread?

Salt is an important ingredient for all bread baking as it adds flavour, helps to control yeast in fermentation and stabilises the gluten. However, modern production methods mean that salt can be kept to a minimum, and the salt content in bread has reduced by about 40% since the 1980’s.

Do you bake gluten free products?

We do and we’re very proud of our gluten free range. For more details on the products we bake, please see our website.

Is your packaging recyclable?

As a family company, we believe the environment is very important and we’re currently looking into finding suitable, environmentally friendly packaging. For now, where the packaging is recyclable, it will state on the back of the packaging.

Is it a roll, Is it a barm, is it bap…?

As a North West born company we would have to go with a Barm… but our colleagues across the country will no doubt disagree!

How can I arrange a visit to my school?

To arrange a school visit, please click here

How can I work for Warburtons?

Please see the Careers Section on our website where you can search of available jobs and leave your details if there’s nothing currently available.

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