The fifth generation of the Warburton family is dedicated to continuing the Warburton family tradition of baking, inherited since 1876 when Warburtons was established in a grocery shop in Bolton by Thomas and Ellen Warburton. One thing hasn't changed and that is the founding principle, on which the business has been built. As Thomas Warburton said in 1876: "This is a family company selling traditionally baked bread with freshness and quality you really can taste".

Jonathan Warburton, the current Chairman, is dedicated to continuing improvement across all areas of the business: "There are so many things that go into making a company like Warburtons a success. However, perhaps two that stand out above all others, are the quality of our people and the quality of the products that we bake."

With headquarters still in Bolton, around the corner from the grocery store where it all began, Warburtons now employs around 4,500 employees in 12 bakeries and 14 depots across the UK, and produces over two million bakery products each day.

Warburtons, the second biggest grocery brand in the UK *March 2011, Nielson Data, specialises in the production of a number of bakery products, including wax wrapped loaves, wholemeal products, crumpets, pancakes, bread rolls, wraps and gluten free, among many others. Warburtons success is underpinned by the company's dedication to continuously supply the highest quality bakery products, while investing in innovation and new product development.

For the Warburton family this isn't just a business. It's a way of life!