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    You will need

    3 Warburtons Pancakes

    2 slices peeled kiwi fruit, cut in half

    4 pomegranate seeds or raisins

    6 ready-to-eat dried apricots

    A few flaked almonds

    2 black grapes, halved (or 4 raisins)

    2 slices of strawberry

    Make with

    6 pancakes

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    Make it

    12 minutes | Serves 2

    1. Warm each pancake following pack instructions and cut one pancake in half.
    2. Using a pair of scissors, cut across the remaining whole pancakes in a zig-zag line (about 2/3 the way down to give 2 pieces) and arrange on 2 serving plates. Place the halved pancakes to form the tops of the monkey heads.
    3. Using the fruit, decorate as illustrated.