Half White, Half Wholemeal range now with Vitamin D and Calcium

Made with a blend of white and wholemeal flour, our new Half White Half Wholemeal range of loaves, thins and rolls now have the added benefit of vitamin D and Calcium. Just two slices of bread, one thin or one roll provide one third of an adult’s recommended daily dose of vitamin D to support a healthy immune system and calcium to keep teeth and bones strong. 

Calcium and vitamin D play an important role in keeping us healthy. Vitamin D is vital in supporting the body’s immune system, which helps us fight infections and other diseases. Calcium is essential in helping build and keep our bones and teeth healthy and works hand in hand with Vitamin D which is needed to ensure your body effectively absorbs that calcium.

Not only does the range provide a great way of increasing your vitamin D and calcium intake but is also a source of fibre and protein. Perfect as part of a healthy balanced diet, the range is also low in sugars and saturated fat. 

 Warburtons Half White Half Wholemeal

* 103 Mumsnet users tried Warburtons Half White Half Wholemeal 800g loaves. 93% would recommend. 

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