Introducing our delicious Toastie Pockets!

 Introducing our Toastie Pockets- The Toastie you Toast in the Toaster!

 Our Toastie Pockets are cleverly designed, ready-made bread pockets - perfect for busy people who want to enjoy quick and easy sandwich toasties.

 It’s simple: All you need to do is simply add the filling of your choice, pop them in the toaster and enjoy! Our favourite filling is cheese and ham, what’s yours?


Available in both White and Brown variants, and with four handy Toastie Pockets in each pack, you can find our Toastie Pockets in all major supermarkets! 


Darren Littler, our Innovation Director here at Warburtons said: "Brits have always loved their sandwich toasties, but with lifestyles getting busier than ever, demand for quick and convenient meal solutions has never been so great. By launching our exciting new invention, Toastie Pockets, we want to make everyone’s favourite sandwich toasties more convenient for everyone to enjoy.


Responding to changing consumption trends is an important part of our 140 years of baking heritage, and continues to lay at the heart of what we do.  We are always looking for new ways to bring exciting, great-tasting and convenient baked goods to UK households and we are delighted to add Toastie Pockets to our range of sandwich solutions.” 

Feeling peckish? Check out our recipe page for some tasty Toastie Pocket ideas!

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