Bread Making Project

How bread is made in a factory

See how bread is made in a factory including; how the ingredients are mixed, how the bread is shaped, cooked, cooled sliced and packed!

These resources have been designed to help you teach children aged 8-11 years about the ingredients in bread, how to make bread safely and hygienically and how to add their own twist to a basic bread recipe. Get started by downloading the Bread making session guide which contains a detailed lesson plan and shows you how to weave all the resources below into your teaching.

Download Video

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Downloadable Resources

  • Guide - Bread making session Download
  • Worksheet - Bread around the world Download
  • Worksheet - Types of bread word search Download
  • Worksheet - On the road to being ready to cook Download
  • Worksheet - Making and baking Download
  • Experiment sheet - What makes bread rise? Download
  • Worksheet - Making bread facts Download
  • Worksheet - Design some bread Download
  • Recipe - Bread roll Download
  • PowerPoint - Making bread Download
  • Challenge - Wheat to bread Download

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