We believe we must manage our impact on the environment and build a business that positively contributes to our family and yours, now and in the future.


We are always striving to drive energy efficiency across our business and believe in using less, buying better and self-generating more. We have an ongoing programme of energy efficiency improvements across all our bakeries such as increased oven insulation, gas burners that shut down automatically when there are gaps in production and the re-use of plant waste heat to heat our hot water systems. We are also examining new bakery technologies, investigating 'green' electricity supplies and exploring options for alternative and renewable sources of energy. For example, where possible we utilise solar and wind turbine technology and are currently rolling out Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology to manage and reduce our carbon footprint.


As a large fleet operator, it is really important that we act responsibly and ensure we work hard to reduce our carbon impact and our overall fuel consumption. Some key highlights of our work include:

  • Through our FleetBoard telematics system, over the past two financial years we have reduced our diesel by 11% and our carbon emissions by 4,028 tonnes of CO2e across Warburtons’ 750-strong secondary distribution fleet.
  • In 2015 we won the Freight Transport Association LCRS Award for Fuel Efficient operator of the year for our telematics work.
  • Routing and scheduling software is used as part of an integrated process to optimise delivery routes which over time has reduced distance travelled considerably and resulted in the reduction of fuel used.
  • In our primary operation we operate a central planning control tower that plans our primary network each day based on product availability and delivery deadlines, to wherever possible ensure empty legs are minimised. Approximately 50% of our primary fleet are double deck trailers, with trailer design optimised to ensure maximum load fill.
  • We have recently altered the specification of our single deck trailers to incorporate a "boat tail” at the rear of the trailer. We currently have 4 in service, the remainder of our single deck fleet will have this design included as they fall due for replacement over the next 3 years. 
  • We fit automatic self-adjusting wind deflectors to our tractor units to ensure the optimum position whether it is pulling a single deck or double deck trailer.
  • All our vehicles are specified with cruise control, engine idle cut off and exhaust brakes to minimise environmental impact.


Working with our waste suppliers is really important to help us minimise the waste we produce each day through our bakeries. We are proud to say that since 2015 we no longer send any food or packaging waste to landfill. We are now focused on finding new innovative ways to deal with waste. We support the Courtauld Commitment 2025 Waste and Resource Action Plan (WRAP) on specific waste reduction projects.

We also work closely with WRAPs Love Food Hate Waste programme through our School Visitors programme, to encourage the next generation to understand the importance of reducing food waste.

Finally, we are currently working on how we can improve our approach on the food material hierarchy, focusing on diverting our food waste from animal feed to human consumption wherever possible.


Our packaging team works collaboratively with our suppliers, and with relevant trade associations to find out how we can make environmental improvements. Some examples of what we have done with our products includes:

  • re-sealable packaging for our sandwich alternatives to improve freshness and manage food waste
  • our bread bags are not a universal size, rather they are designed for each bakery product size, minimising unnecessary use of plastic material


Our aim is to reduce our overall, non-product, water usage by making sure we have well-managed processes in place. We have developed a range of materials that will help to focus all our sites on key water hotspots, the toolkit also features employee engagement materials to ensure all our people can get involved in reducing our non-product water usage.

We are signed up to the FDF’s Water Commitment, which means we fully support and are working to contribute to the industry water target to reduce the amount of water we use as a business by 20% by 2020.