Our Families Matter Strategy aims to deliver our vision for community investment.

What is our vision?

"As a family business we want to be recognised as a business that understands the key issues that families face and help to solve them."

We want to be recognised as a business that understands how important families are and that we are seeking to solve the problems that families face.

This will enable us to:

  • Focus our support where it is needed the most
  • Engage our people and support our business for a single purpose

What is the Families Matter strategy?

Our business, and what we do, is at the centre of what we can achieve. Everything we do in relation to community investment must link to this.

We looked at what we do, how we do it (through our vision and our values) and looked at the activities that we can deliver. We also looked at who was important to us. It was clear that families, people and our business matter. Families are our key customers, our employees (we call them our people) deliver our business, and without the business we would not be supporting families. After looking at these aspects, we matched what was important and what we could deliver. This created the programmes that delivers Families Matter.

Our view of families

We recognise that families are extremely complex; the family unit has changed significantly over the years and supporting them requires a holistic approach. When we talk about families we recognise:

  • Traditional families
  • Blended families; a family consisting of a couple, the children they have had together, and their children from previous relationships
  • Lone-parent families
  • Surrogate families such as peer support groups

Supporting a family requires a holistic approach and should be seen in the context of the whole family.

Our National Community Policy

Our policy that describes how we will achieve our vision is outlined in our National Community Policy. We will deliver this vision via a mix of initiatives nationally through our local sites and our head office.