As a family business, we take our duty of care to our consumers very seriously. Our focus is on making a wide range of quality products that can all be included as part of a balanced diet. Bread is a good choice as part of the everyday diet and is a nutritious staple that is great value for money.

A good choice

Bread is a staple food and a healthy choice when eaten as part of a balanced diet and combined with a healthy lifestyle.

All Warburtons bread is suitable for vegetarians. It is low in saturated fat and we do not use hydrogenated fat in any of our products.

Warburtons bread contains more selenium than some other breads. Our wholemeal breads are an important source of dietary fibre and our white flour is fortified with calcium, iron and Vitamin B.

Great value for money

As a nutritious staple, the average price of Warburtons 800g bread is just £1.31. White bread is an essential source of calcium, iron, manganese, thiamine and fibre and useful levels of other nutrients such as protein. Not bad for an average of only six pence per slice.

Encouraging informed decisions

Helping us all eat better is not only about baking healthy products, it is also about giving everyone the information they need to make informed decisions about diet. As a family business, we only ever include ingredients that we would happily eat ourselves.

We provide full and clear nutritional information on packs and labels and, where appropriate, throughout our communications. All ingredients are listed, including fibre, and guideline daily amounts (GDAs) are shown on all our packaging.

Warburtons is committed to honest and transparent marketing and together with other members of the Food and Drink Federation, we work with industry regulators to maintain effective codes of behaviour.

A range of products to suit diverse lifestyles

We have a range of products for the whole family and to suit different meal occasions, lifestyles and tastes from sliced bread and rolls to Thins, crumpets and fruit loaf. Bread provides a wide range of nutrients and because of its versatility it's a great carrier for other essential foods.