Our bakeries use the Chorleywood Breadmaking Process (CBP), which enables us to bake a range of quality, nutritious, healthy and fresh bakery products that suit all dietary requirements and tastes. The CBP allows us to benefit the families that buy our products by offering them a longer shelf life, softer products and good value for money.

This ground-breaking process was developed in 1961 by the British Baking Industries Research Association based at Chorleywood, and is now used to make 80% of the UK's bread.

The CBP uses many of the same techniques you use to bake bread at home - mixing and kneading the ingredients and proving and fermenting the dough. The difference from the at-home process is that we use mechanical energy in the form of high speed mixing to develop the dough into the correct state for proving and baking.

In essence, it is a more rapid way of kneading dough. All other aspects of bread production such as dividing, proving, baking, cooling and slicing remain the same.

By using this method, Warburtons is able to produce more than two million fresh bakery products daily.