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Doing well
in tests

To improve your performance in selection tests, bear the following in mind:

Before the test

  • Complete some practice tests at
  • Do verbal problem-solving exercises (eg, crosswords)
  • Study tables or data
  • Practice doing maths calculations and your mental arithmetic
  • Get a good night's sleep

If you have a disability, contact the test administrator beforehand to discuss how it might affect you when taking the test. We'll be happy to provide any additional equipment and support you may need.

During the test

  • Read or listen to the instructions carefully
  • Make sure you understand the examples
  • Work quickly but accurately
  • If you find one particular question difficult, don't spend too much time on it
  • Mark your answers carefully
  • For most tests, there'll be a time limit. But don't panic if you don't finish all the questions, they're designed to be challenging

After the test

Find out when you'll be given the results of your tests. If they're not what you hoped for, don't be disheartened ' for some vacancies, the test results will be important, for others they're just one element of the selection process. If you have any specific requirements regarding your application, testing or interview, please contact our HR team.

If it helps, you can also download the entire section as a PDF document to read later.