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attend an event

A selection event is a way of seeing a numberof applicants for a vacancy at the same time.

They generally consist of different exercises which vary depending on the vacancy. The exercises can include psychometric tests, role plays, in'trays, presentations, group discussions, personality questionnaires and case studies.

Verbal Tests

Here you're asked to read a paragraph or section of text and evaluate a number of statements, answering 'true', 'false' or 'can't say'. These tests have reliably indicated people's future performance, and each candidate's results are compared to people of similar age and experience.It's not just about how many questions you get right but about how well youdo compared to your peer group. Try a few practice tests online first at

Numerical Tests

These assess your ability to understand data presented in tables and graphs, and highlight how well you work under pressure, while still being quick and accurate. Again, try practice tests online first at

Personality Questionnaire

There are no right or wrong answers here; they simply establish your preferred way of working or behaving.

Role Play

Using a scenario you'll take on one role and the assessor another, to see how you'd deal with a job-related situation.

Group Exercises

These show how well you perform in a team environment. They test your ability to be assertive and proactive without being domineering, to listen as well as contribute and to focus on the task in hand.


Presentation briefs may be given to you before the interview to prepare in advance, or given to you on the day depending on the task and the skills being evaluated. A presentation is made to one or more assessors who will be judging it against our success factors, values and technical competence.


These test your ability to make decisions and prioritise workload under time pressure. They typically consist of prioritising letters, memos, meeting arrangements, travel requirements and so on, discussing your decisions with the interviewer. They're particularly effective at bringing a role to life.

Case Studies

Case studies present you with a business scenario, which you'll need to analyse and produce recommendations for a given situation. Your findings, decisions and recommendations may be given in the form of a presentation, and you'll be judged on your data analysis, decision making and influencing.

If it helps, you can also download the entire section as a PDF document to read later.