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Warburtons Family Bakers

Information Technology

Keeping our business running

Information Technology is fundamental to the success of any modern business. So our IT department has a pivotal role, managing our total IT infrastructure from computers controlling the processes in our bakeries to the PCs on our desks. They're constantly looking for ways to improve business performance, and often work together to analyse data efficiently and offer the best support.

  • Sarah

    Whats your background?

    Enterprise Programme Office Manager at Head Office ' before that I was a management consultant at Deloitte.

    Have you been here long?

    Five years now. I joined because I wouldn't have the weekly travels consulting required, but would still be able to work with a wide range of people and areas'as well as establishing Warburtons first project management office.

    What does your current role entail?

    It's very varied. Mainly I work with business leaders across the company to deliver projects and programmes that help us achieve our goals. I also work across functions to encourage good practice project management on projects of all shapes and sizes.

    Are you looking to take on a different role at Warburtons?

    Not right now ' but you never know, there are loads of opportunities with the company!