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Warburtons Family Bakers


A team that's really going places

Making great bread is one thing ' but we rely on our drivers to make sure it gets where it needs to be. In the early hours of every morning you'll find them on the nation's roads, on their way to their next delivery ' as well as sorting customer orders, requests and checking over their vehicles to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Stuart

    Describe your role?

    Currently I'm a Day Sales Driver. This means I meet lots of customers through my multi-drop delivery schedules.

    Why did you join?

    I'd spent nine years in the British Army and was looking for a fresh challenge back in civilian life. I was introduced to Warburtons through a temp agency and from there I was offered a permanent job. I've been here almost five years now and I have to say I've enjoyed everything about the role since starting.

    Your biggest achievement so far?

    As well as my day-to-day duties, I'm also a Health and Safety Rep here at Enfield. The company has adopted some of the recommendations I've put forward for a safer workplace environment. I'm proud of that... and it shows our management teams listen!

    Are you working towards a different future role?

    Yes. To broaden my range of skills and experience I'm currently working at becoming a Night Sales Driver.